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~~~ Early Bird Promotion for Christmas Log Cakes ~~~

We are pleased to offer the following irresistible special offer on our Christmas log cakes, 1 kg and 500g sizes only:-

(i) 20% super early bird discount for orders placed with 50% advance deposit during the Singles Day sale week, promotion ends 12 Nov 2018; and

(ii) 15% early bird discount for orders placed with 50% advance deposit during Black Friday sale promotion period from 13 Nov 2018 to 26 Nov 2018.

Please send your order details in writing to our email: enquiries@cookie-culture.com or citycity@singnet.com.sg, and we will reply with our payment instructions.

For any enquiries, please call or whatsapp tel: 97979577 or contact us via the aforesaid email addresses.

~~~ Christmas Goodies 2018 ~~~

Our Christmas goodies are now available for sale and advance order.

For product details and pricing info, please refer to the 3 Christmas sections on our website titled "Glorious Christmas (1): Assorted Cookie Designs", "Glorious Christmas (2): Other Cookie / Gift Ideas" and "Glorious Christmas (3): Log Cakes & Desserts".

To place orders, you may send your written order details or submit an order form (form is available upon request) via email.

~ Temporary Non-Availability of Customized Design Products during CNY Season ~

From 26 Dec 2018 to 6 Feb 2019, our production is focused entirely on orders for Chinese New Year goodies. As such, we are generally unable to take in orders for cookies / cakes / cupcakes / other desserts which involve icing decoration or 3D design during the aforesaid period, unless they are for required dates after 6 Feb 2019. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

~~~ Revised Delivery Charge ~~~

With effect from 1 Nov 2018, our delivery charge is revised to $18 per location. A free delivery is provided for orders >$150 during non-peak non-festive season period, and for orders >$300 during the peak season period from 1 Nov 2018 to 19 Feb 2019.

~~~ Announcement ~~~

Please be informed that our halal kitchen operations are undergoing a restructuring process. As such, we are only able to cater for orders of certain halal goodies as at now, but we are temporarily unable to produce our full range of halal cookies and cupcakes. For those with halal requirement, please check with us at time of ordering. Our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

~~~ Placing of Orders ~~~

To place orders, please send your order details, instructions and contact number to our email address: enquiries@cookie-culture.com; or citycity@singnet.com.sg


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