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Shirt & Tie Cookies (medium / large)
Product No: fd 014
1 piece (medium), price starts from $3.6

Apple / orange / honey pineapple shortbread, add $0.1
Change to mango / peach / grape shortbread, add $0.2
Change to strawberry / blueberry shortbread, add $0.2
Change to large cookie, add $0.6


~ Round cookie in assorted shirt & tie designs, using fondant / edible food ink / royal icing.

~ Can be done as a single-piece cookie or as a lollipop-style cookie.

~ Individually sealed in plastic bag or otherwise, tied with ribbon / ribbon frills / twist wire [additional $0.20 for organza ribbon or ribbon with printed design]

~ Standard cookie sizes :
(i) medium for cookie width / height about 7cm
(ii) large for cookie width / height about 8cm

{Cookies shown in picture on this page are of medium size}

~ Prices of cookies start from
(i) $3.60 for medium size
(ii) $4.20 for large size

~ Basic cookie flavours are chocolate shortbread or butter shortbread

~ For an additional charge, you may choose other cookie flavours as listed in the options above.

{All fruit-flavoured shortbread cookies are made with real fruit ingredients such as the puree, fresh juice and/or dried flesh of the respective fruits to give cookies a more flavourful natural taste.}

~ Except for chocolate & butter shortbread, minimum order is 20 pieces per cookie flavour.

Halal option is available. Please specify under "Instructions" section if required.



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