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Customized CNY Cookie Jar (medium)
Product No: cnygf 009(b)
1 jar, Range (A) cookies, $32

Change to Range (B) cookies, add $2
Change to Range (C) cookies, add $3.5
Change to Range (D) cookies, add $5


~ Chinese New Year cookies packed in 800ml glass jar (with glass knob top-cover) and tied with ribbon.

~ The cookie jar shall have a strip label around it whereby you may have (i) your company / event logo, or (ii) customized festive wordings / greeting message printed onto the label.

Upon your request, we'll provide our design template for you to layout your customized logo / wordings into the empty framed space (dimensions roughly 4cm by 3.5cm rectangle or 4.5cm by 3cm oval) at the front-side of the label.

Kindly return your completed artwork in jpeg format for our (digital) printing. Please ensure that the artwork for your customized logo / wordings are as per your requirement as we shall not be doing any editing on your completed artwork prior to printing.

Please allow for at least 18 days advance notice for the customized printing and cookie jars to be done, subject to availability.

~ Minimum order of 20 jars for customization.

~ Choose 1 type of CNY cookies from Range (A) below.

~ For the additional cost as listed in the option boxes above, you may choose cookies from Range (B), Range (C) or Range (D) instead.

~ Please state your cookie choice in your order instructions.

Range (A) cookies are:-

Almond cookies
Alphonso mango cookies
Apple raisin cookies
Chicken floss puffs
Chocolate meringue cookies
Cornflakes cookies
Peanut cookies
Sambal prawn rolls
Strawberry meringue cookies

Range (B) cookies are:-

Belgian chocolate cookies
Earl grey cookies
Gula melaka cookies
Jasmine green tea cookies
White chocolate cereal cookies

Range (C) cookies are:-

Pineapple tarts (open-face)
Pineapple tarts (closed-face)
Cranberry rose cookies
Earl grey lavender cookies
Kueh bangkit
Lychee osmanthus cookies
Milo chocolate cookies
Mocha hazelnut cookies
Purple berries cookies
Thai milk tea cookies

Range (D) cookies are:-

Ondeh ondeh tarts
Parmesan cheese & herbs sablé cookies
Strawberry cheesecake cookies
Yuzu vanilla cookies


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