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CNY Small Cookie Bottle (IV) (360ml)
Product No: cny 058
1 bottle, Range (A) Cookies $9.5

Change to Range (B) cookies, add $0.6
Change to Range (C) cookies, add $1.2
Change to Range (D) cookies, add $1.8


~ CNY gourmet cookies packed in a small plastic bottle, 360ml size about 10cm tall.

~ Around 19 - 20 regular-size pieces per bottle.

~ Minimum order of 30 bottles.

~ Choose 1 type of CNY cookies from Range (A) below.

~ For the additional cost as listed in the option boxes above, you may choose cookies from Range (B), Range (C) or Range (D) instead.

~ Please state your cookie choice in your order instructions.

Range (A) cookies are:-

Almond cookies
Alphonso mango cookies
Apple raisin cookies
Chicken floss puffs
Chocolate meringue cookies
Cornflakes cookies
Peanut cookies
Sambal prawn rolls
Strawberry meringue cookies

Range (B) cookies are:-

Belgian chocolate cookies
Earl grey cookies
Gula melaka cookies
Jasmine green tea cookies
White chocolate cereal cookies

Range (C) cookies are:-

Pineapple tarts (open-face)
Pineapple tarts (closed-face)
Cranberry rose cookies
Earl grey lavender cookies
Kueh bangkit
Lychee osmanthus cookies
Milo chocolate cookies
Mocha hazelnut cookies
Purple berries cookies
Thai milk tea cookies

Range (D) cookies are:-

Ondeh ondeh tarts
Parmesan cheese & herbs sablé cookies
Strawberry cheesecake cookies
Yuzu vanilla cookies


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