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School / Company Plaque Cookies
Product No: cc 030
Price to be quoted upon request $0

Apple / orange / honey pineapple shortbread, add $0.2
Change to mango / peach / grape $0.3
Change to strawberry / blueberry shortbread, add $0.3


~ School crest or company logo printed on edible icing and pasted on cookie, with some icing patterns or border design around it.

~ Cookies can be rectangular or any available shapes (round / oval / square / heart / flower /star).

~ Cookie size is selected or customized to fit desired size of crest or logo. As a general guideline, small cookie size is about 6cm wide, medium is about 7cm wide, large is 8cm wide.

~ Individually sealed in plastic bag or otherwise, tied with matching ribbon / ribbon frills / wire.

~ Basic cookie flavours are chocolate shortbread or butter shortbread

~ Price depends on cookie size and size of the printed icing pictures of the crest / logo. Please contact 97979577 or enquiries@cookie-culture.com for quotation.

[As a reference, this picture shows a cookie 7cm x 5.5cm, icing school crest 2.7cm x 3cm, $3.90 per cookie for an order quantity of at least 40 pieces]

~ For an additional charge, you may choose other cookie flavours as listed in the options above.

{All fruit-flavoured shortbread cookies are made with real fruit ingredients such as the puree, fresh juice and/or dried flesh of the respective fruits to give cookies a more flavourful natural taste.}

~ Except for chocolate & butter shortbread, minimum order is 20 pieces per cookie flavour.

Halal option is available. Please specify in your order instructions if required.


Call 9797 9577 to order


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